astrology for writers: 11/11-11/25

Full Moon in Taurus: I’m the Proof in the Pudding

November 12

Let me put it this way: I literally put on Lizzo’s “Juice” to write about Tuesday’s full moon. Because, not to put too fine a point on it, this full moon is fucking juicy. First off, the moon loves being in Taurus: earthy, sensual, give me all the good things, “I get better over time” Taurus. This is about really sinking into your roots, enjoying the present moment, and luxuriating in the fruits of your labor. 

Moons like this don’t come around every month, so soak it up. “I’m not a snack at all; look baby, I’m the whole damn meal.” This moon has a little bit of everything, okay? It’s sextile Neptune in Pisces, giving us all a dreamy boost of creative inspiration. Trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, we’ve also got the ability to put pen to paper and actually translate our ideas into concrete, meaningful language that moves the word count up up up

Crank up whatever music inspires you (or find a place that’s absolutely quiet and still) and honor your creativity. 

P.S. Lizzo is a Taurus. Listen to Lizzo.

Sagittarius Season: Knowing What We Don’t Know

November 22-December 21

One last burst of passionate energy before winter settles in: that’s what Sagittarius season brings us. The last season of fall, the last fire season of the year. The archer; the so-called philosopher of the zodiac. Sagittarius energy craves freedom - it wants to roam, seeking new ideas, new philosophies. Sagittarius can be the anarchist, but it can just as easily be the zealot. Folks with strong Sagittarius energy are students of life, never satisfied with how much they already know - which is, to be frank, usually a lot.

This is when we all fall down the collective rabbit hole, distracted by shiny new projects that seem to be The One, or maybe (depending on your particular proclivity) The Many. Everything is just so interesting. We are collectively awakened to what we don’t know, to what we need to know. Our research comes alive. Lines of questioning vibrate, even sing. 

It can all be overwhelming. Remember to ground, to find focus in little moments. It is healthy - necessary - to know just how much you don’t know, but it is simultaneously vital to not feel minimized by it. None of us will ever know everything - even the masters. Come back to what you know, what you can know, what you need to know for your current work. Remember that comparison is the kiss of death, that we all start somewhere. Make your to-do list in a way that honors what you can tackle today

Mars in Scorpio: Time to Strategize  

November 18

Your work ethic is about to get a boost - maybe even your sex drive, too. Mars is the action star of the zodiac, and in Scorpio, they’re at home: super charged and super stealthy. Mars in Aries wants to charge to the front lines; Mars in Scorpio is the spy in the corner of the bar, strategizing and scouting the terrain and assessing everyone’s motives. 

Let’s put it this way: Mars in Scorpio makes a 5-year career plan. Spreadsheets, or mental notes on everyone’s motivations at the party. Mars in Scorpio knows who works where, who is friends with who, who fucked who. Mars in Scorpio is neutral in terms of how it uses that information - that is up to you and your own, ahh, alignment. But you get the gist. This is energy to help power your strategizing here as we slingshot round the corner of the end of the year. 

Don’t check out. Don’t start planning 2020 and throw in the towel on 2019 just yet. There’s still work to be done, if you’re willing to tap into this energy. 

Venus in Capricorn: Quality Quality Quality

November 25

Making sure you’ve got a supply of pens. Springing for more storage on Google Drive, or for Scrivener. Need to upgrade your desk chair to an ergonomic? This is the time. 

We’re talking about our careers here, so in that context, Venus is about money. Capricorn is about quality and longevity. Together, Venus in Capricorn is about building a lifestyle that supports your work. That doesn’t mean the most expensive shit: it means quality. It means having surroundings that support your work and bring you ease. It doesn’t have to mean office supplies, either. It could be as simple as replacing that old-ass pillow to get better sleep. 

Mark Your Calendar

November 13

Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Feeling yourself? You should be. This is a day of transformative personal power. Today, you really tap into the depths of what Scorpio season has been teaching you and translate that into action. How will you level up? 

This is, incidentally, a great day to pitch.

November 14

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

Watch out for excesses - particularly on the party, good life front. Sag loves to party; Pisces is super romantic and also (in this particular context) prone to overdoing it on substances. Take care of yourself. 

November 20

Mercury in Scorpio stations Direct

The time for review and revision is done; the time for action is now. Mercury won’t clear its shadow for another week, but as of now, it’s all systems go. We’re still having deep, emotional realizations though - Mercury is still in Scorpio, after all. What have you learned these last few weeks? Take a minute to journal.

November 24

Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

Courageous Mars connects with rebellious Uranus, and sparks fly. Watch out for Twitter fights, and don’t take someone’s sharp email tone too personally. It’s a rough day, and folks might be feeling more abrasive - and less guarded - than usual. 

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