I’m your host, Jeanna Kadlec (she/her).

I’m a writer, astrologer, and teacher. My work bridges the literary and the spiritual, the magical and the mundane. I work with writers and artists who know that creative living and the business of making a creative living don't have to cancel each other out.

I'm a writer, by vocation and by practice. My memoir in essays Heretic: A Memoir (HarperCollins) is available everywhere books are sold. I’ve written about culture and faith and more for publications across the internet, from my Disney column at Longreads to ELLE to Autostraddle to LitHub. I also spent too long in an English Literature PhD program back in the day and am technically ABD — all but dissertation — which very much informs my work here.

I’m an astrologer, by training and by outlook. (You can read more about my professional background and who I’ve studied with here.) When I started learning about astrology, it was like remembering a language I already spoke. The signs were fun, sure. But it was the nature of the planets and the remarkable consistency of events that occurred throughout history under specific transits that really drew me in.

It was immediately apparent to me that observing the rhythms of the planets was an invitation out of capitalist hustle culture and back into a more relational way of observing not only nature’s cycles, but also our own.

That astrology offered one method for healing what the pressures of capitalism had broken in our creative practices — or never allowed to flourish to begin with.

at my book launch for HERETIC at Books Are Magic, in the pink cowgirl boots obvs

As a working writer so often caught up in productivity mode, astrology brought me into more mindfulness. It helped me begin to create, and set expectations for myself as an artist, in a more sustainable way.

I started Astrology for Writers in January 2019 to share how I myself utilized astrology in my writing life — because, to me, creativity and spirituality are so often one and the same.

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literary witch. author of HERETIC: A MEMOIR (HarperCollins). wrote most of the astrology apps on your phone. Midwesterner in NYC.