Why subscribe?

Because you want to learn more about how to bring astrology to your writing practice.

Because you want someone to remind you when Mercury is retrograde and when there are new and full moons coming up - and what to do about that.

… because you want to know how all of that stuff actually impacts your work, so that you can use it.

Who are you?

I’m Jeanna, a writer who uses astrology as one of many tools in my toolkit to help buoy my creative process and improve my “writing as a business” game.

A few of my credentials: I write horoscopes for writers at Electric Literature; I’m a content writer and consulting astrologer at Sanctuary; I’ve written an astrology series on synastry and compatibility (“Starstruck”) at Autostraddle. I see clients privately for 1-on-1 readings. I’ve been studying astrology for years, and I also study with my mentor, Rebecca Gordon.

Other places you can find me: Twitter & my essay-based tinyletter.

What’s your sign?

Capricorn sun/moon and Aquarius rising - so very, very Saturn (and if you don’t know what that means, that’s what this newsletter is for!). I love building things, and I’m disciplined about follow-through.


How much does it cost?

$5/month or $50/year.

What do I get?

Free Subscribers

One newsletter covering current two weeks’ worth of transits.

Paid Subscribers

Two super in-depth newsletters, covering the entire month’s worth of astrological transits, new and full moons, changes in astrological season, major dates to mark for your calendar (esp. those that are good for writing/pitching/productivity), and the occasional special bonus, such as mini horoscopes for major transits.


Monthly birth chart readings for famous writers and other miscellanea.

Do you answer personal astrology questions or do individual chart readings?


Can I forward the newsletter to friends?

Once in a while, sure! But do keep in mind that an astrology newsletter is work to put together and then to put out (hence the pay wall).